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Lion Mill Roll of Honour

On Tuesday, February 14 at the Ordinary Council Meeting of the Shire of Mundaring, the council carried unanimously the following motion by Councillor John Daw about the future of the Lion Mill Roll of Honour;

1. Requests the Eastern Hills Senior High School (EHSHS) and the Department of Education transfer custodianship of the Lion Mill Roll of Honour Board to the Shire of Mundaring;

2. On transfer of custodianship, relocates the Lion Mill Roll of Honour Board to the community facility of Elsie Austin Oval Pavilion, in line with other community Roll of Honour Boards in the Shire which are located in Shire buildings, and that this be done in time for the ANZAC Day Services on April 25th 2023;

3. Thanks EHSHS for looking after and being the custodians of the Honour Board; and

4. Advises EHSHS it will have access to the Elsie Austin Pavilion for activities and programs that require students to have access to the Lion Mill Roll of Honour Board.

5. Mundaring & Hills Historical Society to assess its condition

Reason for the Change

Locating the Lion Mill Roll of Honour (which is a gift from the community) at the Elsie Austin Oval Pavilion would be in alignment with the practice of displaying war memorial boards in local government community facilities. It also is likely to be exposed to a wider range of community members as well as being able to be used on days of public community events such as ANZAC and Remembrance Day.

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