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Plan for the Future of Elsie Austin Recreation Centre

Mt Helena Senior Football Club

Needs and Wants

1. Modern Up to date hot water system that is sustainable and energy efficient. 2. Proper spectating seating that is Protected, Comfortable and inclusive for all audience.

3. Umpires Room

4. Medical Room


1. This Water system would need Pressure and Temperature to be adequate for hot showers to suffice for many people utilising it at the same time.

2. The current bleachers are hardly considered chairs and are not suitable for the average person to sit on at the best of times little lone those that are elderly or have any sort of walking impediment. The seating is exposed to the elements and the covering is too low to the ground.

3. An Umpire room is necessary for them to be able to change and speak to each other in private to the teams.

4. A medical room is a standard room that all teams can benefit from having for when there is a need for the medic to attend to the needs of a player during the sporting season.


Andrew Schwagereit – President

Ben Whiters – Coach and Representative

Mt Helena Junior Football Club

Needs and Wants

1. All Inclusive Changerooms, which includes disability access to changerooms toilets and showers.

2. Private shower and toilets stalls.

3. A family change room/toilet

4. Facilities entrances have to be suitable for children use.

5. Upgrade the kitchen to one that can suit a sporting club that needs it facing the oval, with adequate visibility.


1. The current change rooms are not accessible for those with walking impediments or wheelchairs. And the showers are not private and are dangerous with a small slippery ledge.

2. The showers and toilet stalls need to be private for the use of children and also children with disabilities.

3. A family change room or additional baby changers for families.

4. The facilities need to be designed in a way that can be used by the children and parents use during sporting season in a way that protects the dignity of our most vulnerable athletes.

5. The kitchen needs to be at a higher elevation to be able to view the players on the oval. At the moment the small kitchen is too low to view the whole oval properly and the one in the pavilion does not face the oval at all. No volunteer wants to sit in a kitchen all game and not be able to enjoy the activity.


Narelle Thredgold – President

Mt Helena Swimming Club

Needs and Wants

1. Adequate Storage facilities accessible year around.


1. For sports that join into the recreational association we require to be able to access the storage facilities year around every team can benefit from having proper organised and efficient storage facilities. The space needs to be utilised to its maximum potentials.


Wade Isard – President

Mt Helena Tennis Club

Needs and Wants

1. All inclusive facility entrance from North End of the Pavilion where the Disability Ramp leads to an entrance to the Foyer of the Sports and Recreation facility. (The foyer would connect the existing Pavilion with the Tennis area and the new changeroom facilities)


1. At the moment the Elsie Austin Oval has got a disabled entrance ramp that leads to the back of the building and also has a very narrow pathway which is barely meets the code. The Tennis teams are almost disjoined from the rest of the facilities. It makes sense to make a big entrance to the newly built facility from the North end making it a warm welcoming entrance for all teams and groups.


Addy Van Dalen- President

Mt Helena Cricket Club

Needs and Wants

1. New Nets

2. Storage for the team

3. Access to the change rooms and kitchen for the games.

4. Facilities that are adequate for a women’s/ girls team.


1. The nets need to be moved to where the old little athletics disquiet thrower cement pad

2. The storage needs to be accessible for the team year around

3. The change rooms and kitchen to be accessible to the team during the season for use and enjoyment.

4. The cricket currently has both a boy and girls team and the facilities are not meeting the standard for children or girls to use.


Bronwyn – President

Mount Helena Residents and Ratepayers Progress Association

Needs and Wants

1. Provisions for sanitary bins. Shower stalls to have ample space for personal belongings.

2. Flag Poles (Either on the field or attached to the building)

3. Outside BBQ with cover installed near the oval, pavilion and kitchen facing the OVAL.

4. Proper LED sustainable lighting which will not contribute to light pollution to the surround areas but will provide light.

5. The potential to explore the possibility of having a new change room facility that is a double story building to have storage and other event, club rooms and balcony seating area.


1. For women use of facilities there needs be proper sanitary bins. Also, the shower stalls need to have space for users to bring in their bags to be able to comfortably change and shower.

2. At least 3 flag poles so that the Two Australian Flags can be flown and a third flag optional to the club or event that is happening on the day.

3. There is a need for a permanent BBQ to be placed facing the oval so that teams can cook and sell food while games are happing and are able to enjoy the game while also being protected from the sun.

4. The LED lighting will provide safety and security for all women children and other patrons of the Elsie Austin facilities during and after hours additionally to those that are all ready in used at the Oval.

5. The potential of such a structure needs to be explored because of the limited space in the area the most sustainable way to provide for such a sporting hub is to have storage and possible club rooms and offices in an upstairs area. It can also have ample viewing space and even smaller event rooms so that teams and other recreational groups can have a space to operate from. Also Explore an octagon type Yoga/Mixed Martial Art Room.


Joan Quinn – President

Mt Helena Sports and Recreation Association

Needs and Wants

1. Adequate Storage facilities for all clubs to store equipment.

2. Drink fountain with a cold-water system close to the facilities or inside the future foyer for the use and enjoyment of the athletes.

3. CCTV cameras for the security of the building and the safety of the vulnerable patrons.

4. Display cabinetry


1. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have every inch of the facilities’ storage area to be properly designated so that maximum usage can come of it for the future.

2. A cold-water system drinking fountain that can also fill up water bottles is important as it will enable player to reuse, recycle and repurpose more sustainably the water bottles.

3. Cameras so that the facility can be monitored that way crime can be kept to a minimum at our newly invested facility and also for the safety of the vulnerable population utilising the area.

4. Cabinetry suitable for displaying club trophies and other informational materials


Gerry Vee – Chair

Melanye Wawrik – Vice Chair

Potential Groups to Join the Recreation Centre at Elsie Austin:

· Little Athletics

· Rangers (Various – Women’s team and 17 and Under)

· Jockey

· Soccer

· Other Recreational Activities – (Darts, Bowling, Pool, Yoga)

· Skate Club

· BMX Club

· Youth Club

· Martial Arts

· Fencing Club

· The Possibilities are endless!

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