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Proposed pump track at Elsie Austin Skate Park

Details of the project from the Capital Works Submission Requests 2023-24.


To build a (1) BMX/scooter pump track and (2) two BMX jump lanes next to the existing Mt Helena Skate Park. There is ample/suffice unused space alongside the cricket practice nets between the end of Coyne Street and the existing Skate Park. If you’re standing at the skate park looking towards Coyne Street, the jump lanes would be along the left hand side of the site running alongside the cricket nets.


  1. The pump track would consist of one (refer to ‘C’ on map) outer and one (refer to ‘D’ on map) inner track, and be designed to allow kids to either use a scooter or a BMX/MTB bike. (1C) The outer oval circuit track (such as at “Falcon Skate Park & BMX” at Falcon Reserve, Flame Street, Falcon) allows kids to maintain a steady flowing speed with rollable mounds, berms (i.e. banked turns), table top jumps, camel humps, BMX see-saw (like at Goat Farm), and like at Lake Lesch a ladder over a log and a ladder ramp; the see-saw and log would have a bypass lane. Younger kids can roll/ride over the track and the older kids can “clear the table” (go up the ramp, get some air time and then land on the down ramp).

  2. The two jump lanes would each consist of four jumps, with one lane for beginner/intermediate skill level (refer to ‘A’ on map) for approx. 5-9yo and one lane (refer to ‘B’ on map) for advanced level (approx. 8-18yo). A hybrid design of the four jump lanes at John Dunn would be perfect and easier/cheaper to replicate than a unique bespoke design. Like at John Dunn, the jump lanes would have concrete up-ramps. Both the pump track and (especially) the jump lanes require a high enough starting ramp so that kids can gain the necessary speed they require. This is critical for the jump lanes, as they are rendered useless unless you can get enough speed to make the jump. So ‘B’ platform needs to be higher than ‘A’.


Both the track and lanes would be made of a hardened compacted sub-soil; it would not be made of simple compacted ferro-crete/sub-soil, as this is easily damaged. The hardened track/lane requires no major maintenance and is used widely at other sites (e.g. John Dunn) to provide year after year activity that can’t be dug up or ripped up.


To advertise/direct people to the venue, road signs at the intersection of Sawyers Rd and GEH in Sawyers Valley, as well as at the roundabout in Mt Helena township (intersection of Sawyers, McVicar, Evans and Keane Streets), and then at Keane St East and Coyne Street.

The cricket nets would have additional netting fence installed at the bowler’s end to prevent accidents.


please refer to attachment.

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